Sitting in the Make of Me

I'd been chewing on some thoughts on art and aesthetics, especially as discussed in this wonderful conversation between James Baldwin and Chinua Achebe, as well as on the relevance of it all to the Church unfolding in our era. Then Mireya read to us the title poem from Amanda Gorman's new book (an "occasional," she calls it), and the following came out of me. Make of it what you will:

Inner World Migrations

I have always felt most drawn to the psychological defense known to some professionals—professionals who bother reading the back of the manual—as “autistic fantasy.” To an outsider, it appears like a second choice, like a movement away from something that, were it not there, not noxious, the choice would not be made, the inner world would not be preferred. I believe for many of us, those on various points of the so-called neuro-divergent spectrum, this could not be further from the truth...

Just a Couple of Things Your Pastor Has Dealt with in 2020

A moment ago, I finished the following for another purpose, but I thought some folks might like to read it. It's a very short list of more or less unique things clergy have faced this year. Teachers could probably relate to many of these items, but, even then, not in the same way. And teachers … Continue reading Just a Couple of Things Your Pastor Has Dealt with in 2020