There is a certain kind of freedom in both the writing and the reading of online material. Particularly for me as a psychologist and faith leader, it is a freedom that is not available to me in the counseling office, from the pulpit, or on other social media platforms. Here my intention is to write and talk to an anonymous audience—not specifically to clients, congregants, or friends. Here I will write and talk to my fellow human being, or maybe just to myself for your viewing, or maybe, sometimes, to my God. You, my anonymous audience, can read or listen privately and reflect without having to question whether you are or are not my specific intended audience. If what you read or hear resonates, then great for both of us. If not, then great for at least one of us.

What I hope to share with you–information, insights, and maybe some wisdom–will be garnered from my education and experiences as a psychologist/psychotherapist, my seminary training, and various other particulars of the not-exactly common but not outright outrageous life I’ve lived thus far. In other words, I will try to make it interesting yet useful. I will share essays of varying length, devotions, and possibly videos of homilies/short sermons now and then. My goal is to write at least every other week and record videos of homilies/short sermons once a quarter.

Though you may remain anonymous, I also invite your comments. Let’s dialogue for deeper reflection, or simply for a bit of relief from anonymity.